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Brittany Frisch

champagne enthusiast - voracious reader - avid gardener

CEO - Owner - Creative Lead

After nearly a decade of owning a fine art wedding, branding, and portrait photography business, Brittany embraced her love of marketing and helping brands reflect their highest potential. As an artist, Brittany loves helping brands hone in on their identity and mirror their true potential within their messaging, branding, and advertising.

Brittany specializes in website design, SEO, digital ads, content creation, branding, and has a true passion for making things beautiful.

meet the Team

Dan Weidel

proud uncle - former Bostonian - espresso martini lover 

Strategic Lead - Co-Founder

Dan leverages more than a decade of experience in digital marketing to present solutions that are as unique as our clients. He loves building relationships and isn't afraid to dive in to truly understand the challenges at hand. 

meet the Team

Michaela Keating

sushi connoisseur - beach lover - fashionista

Senior Marketing Manager

Michaela has always been intrigued by the idea of building a brand. Over the past 5 years, she has been able to dive deep into brand strategy and breathe life into various company identities. From creating scroll-stopping social media content to developing brand books, Michaela has a vision for every client she works with. The most rewarding part of her job is being able to truly tell a story through various marketing efforts. 

meet the Team

Jaida Narkon

dog lover - avid crafter - aspiring foodie

Social Media Coordinator

Jaida is a creative and entrepreneurial individual who enjoys the challenge of creating unique branding and design material that resonates with her clients. She has a degree in Media Ventures from Boston University and is the owner of her own small business on Cape Cod.

meet the Team

Andrea Cable

Reality tv obsessed - coffee snob - voted "most likely to break out in song"

Brand Architect

With a history of corporate marketing behind her, Andrea loves all things creative combined with strategic. As a certified brand strategist, she enjoys thinking of how the numbers can coincide with the creative. She is always looking for ways to beautify spaces, whether that's an old logo, outdated interior, or her desktop screen.

Andrea specializes in bringing a dash of modernization to a project. As our brand architect, she works closely with clients on crafting brands that are not only beautiful, but stay top-of-mind.

meet the Team

Luke Frisch

Army Captain - jack-of-all-trades - hobby farmer

Sales Representative

Luke combines his love of problem solving and meeting new people as LYT's sales lead. Always finding a solution, Luke is able to look at a business and identify what tactics would elevate their marketing and overall sales strategy.

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